A selection of projects I've worked on

Ink & Switch

During a recent sabbatical, I've been working with Ink & Switch on a soon-to-be-released project.

Condé Nast

I'm a Principal Engineer at Condé Nast, where I've work on a variety of aspects of Condé's online publishing systems: architectural pieces for Condé's internal content management system (including the open source atjson, a system for reasoning about content), sign-in and user privacy, and social infrastructures for communities of writers and readers.


I was the founder of Poetica, a startup that attempted to tackle the problem of online collaboration for writers and editors. Poetica was sold to Condé Nast.

Decentralized Social Networks

There are a lot of projects under this umbrella, but since Twitter I've worked with many others to design the protocols and conceptual framework that would serves as the basis for Mastodon and other decentralized social networking software.


In 2006, I started the OAuth project with the goal of standardizing a variety of similar-but-diverse approaches to delegated sign-in. OAuth is now an industry standard, adopted by the IETF, and is used for billions of sign-ins and delegated authorizations every day.


For better or worse, I had the profound and overwhelming experience of writing large chunks of Twitter's core systems at its origin. Sometimes I talk to the media but mostly I just use it like all the other poor souls on there. and

I worked to provide secure email and web hosting for activists in the late 90s / early 2000s, and with the amazing community of activists that helped build, an early online publishing platform.